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The Autograph Book Part 3

Oleander Lee Tisdale

                 Hardscrabble Plant.[ation]
                      Baton Rouge  

[Belle's younger sister Lee's name
was Olivia South Carolina Tisdale 
but she always went by Lee.]

When a girl is duly married
And by the bridegroom kissed
She numbered mong the many
Who never will be missed

                                    W B
[This was probably written by Sam and Belle's son Wilton Booksh, 1886-1985.]

Still the wonder grew     
That one small head      
Could carry all he knew 
                    Yours 'till I die  
Aug. 19th 91                   
                          [Belle's youngest brother, Charles Hiram “Harry” Tisdale, 1874-1913]

A sin has many tools,
But a “lie” is a handle that
Fits them all.

                                                                                                  [Dec 26,1901? faded]  
                                                              To Mama
                                                              Let the road be rough and dreary,
                                                              And its end far out of sight;
                                                              Foot it bravely – strong are weary'
                                                             Trust in God and do the right
                                                                                               From “Baby”

[This is probably Sam and Belle's youngest child, Arabella Guinevere “Vera” Booksh, 1889-1979. It appears that she copied it from an autograph two pages further on.]

May God bless you all
Is my Sincere wish
         Your loving cousin
            Maud Tisdale
              New Orleans La.
Dec 25, 1893

[Maud Tisdale was the daughter of B. F. Tisdale's nephew, Nathan Tisdale, 1831-1901.]

                                                      Aunt Belle
                                                         Let the road be rough and dreary -
                                                         And Its end far out of sight
                                                         Foot it bravely – strong or weary
                                                        Trust in God and do the right
                                                                                            Minnie? Booksh
                                                                                            Dec 29/92?

[This may be Minta Booksh, 1876-1954, daughter of Sam's brother Thomas Claiborne Booksh and Erefile Minta Joffrion.]

            Dear Belle
             Life is like a game of chess 
             each holds his place, according
             to his rank but in the end
            Kings, Queens, Knights & all are 
            thrown into one common box.
            You shall ever have the good 
             wishes of
                                  Your Sister
                                  L-nnie Tisdale

[Belle had only two sisters, Mary Bernice, 1853-1886, and Olivia “Lee” Tisdale, 1864-1929. This may have been a nickname for Lee.]

    M. M. Tisdale                                           
    Dec. 25, 1893                                          
[Possibly Maud Marian Tisdale, 1873-1956, daughter of Nathan Tisdale, Belle's cousin.]

        M. E. Tisdale
        April 26th 1892
                                   [Belle's brother, Marion Eugene Tisdale, 1871-1914.]

To Aunt Belle,
May your joys be as deep as the ocean
And your sorrow as light as its foam.
Is the wish of your
             loving niece
                   F. E. B.
Grosse Tete, La.             April 25, 1895
Iberville Parish

[This is probably Florence Edith Booksh, 1882-1969, daughter of Sam's brother, George Washington Booksh.]

There are riches laid up in Heaven for me
If earthly suffering be a guarrantee [sic]
     of such happiness.                                
                  [No signature]

New Orleans La                  Sept 7th
When you are eating a pear
Just put on one little air
And think of me
who Howard calls VeVe
                        Vera Booksh

[Sam and Belle's daughter Arabella Gunevere “Vera” Booksh.]

       Lillian and Fannie
       Rosedale L
[Lillian Booksh, 1876-1959, was the daughter of Sam's brother, George W. Booksh.]

New Orleans
     May 2, 1899
61st day of B B J B
Dr. Marks            First
Bishop Reed      Second
Mordici               Third 
Start good     Won driving
    Odds 2 to 1             
    Band Played           
             Get Your Moneys Worth
             S. W. Booksh Jr.

[Sam Booksh Jr., 1881-1917, was Sam and Belle's oldest son. This appears to be a record of his day at the horse races. This was probably after the family moved to New Orleans. The New Orleans Fairgrounds has been in operation since 1872 and is the third oldest racetrack in the country.]

To Mr. Sam W. Booksh                           
What care I how kind you be.                 
You are not only kind to me,                   
But bring me under your general rule     
of treatment, of all women                      
                                A Friend              
                                F. C. W.             

To One I Love:
  If scribbling in albums
  Sweet remembrance insure!
  With the greatest of pleasures
  I scribble in yours.
                            Grosse Tete La.
May 7th 1895

[No signature.]

My Dear Friend
May the flowers of love
Around thee be twined
And the sunshine of peace
Shed its joys oer thy mind
                  Your true friend

[A calling card of Miss Lillian Elva Booksh
 is tucked into the autograph book.
Lillian, 1876-1959, was the daughter of 
Sam's brother, George W. Booksh.
On the back is written: 
Please show to all of your friends that 
you think would patronize the school.]

Pasted inside the back cover of the autograph book is this picture that appears to have been clipped from a magazine.

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