Friday, February 1, 2019

The Booksh Family Bible

One evening after dark, the lights went out in the house in Algiers and Grandpa Booksh (Wilton Booksh Sr.) went outside with a flashlight to check the fuse box.  Wham! Someone hit him on the back of the head with a shovel and he fell unconscious in the alley. Two teenage boys made off with some boxes from the backyard shed. Among the things that were lost was the Booksh family bible. Fortunately the pages of Births, Marriages and Deaths had been photocopied.

Booksh  Births page 1 lists Charles Booksh and Eliza Leonard and their ten children.

Births page 2 lists some of their 49 grandchildren.

The Marriages page lists Charles and Eliza's marriage and the marriages of their children.
The Deaths page lists Eliza Leonard's parents, Elithebeth Crows (also recorded as Kraus and Craus) and Honore Leonard, as well as the deaths of some of their children and grandchildren, including Sam Booksh Sr. and Jr.