Dating Photographs

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                Photographic Process/Printing Process                  Subject
                Daguerreotypist/Plate Maker/Photographer            Clothing and Hairstyle
                Case/Mat/Album Style                                             Weapons and Props
                Tax Stamps and Postage Stamps                           Houses and Cars

I.    Cased Images - 1839-1867
      A.   Daguerreotype (Da GARE o type) 1839-1865  Peak Years: 1852-1858

      B.   Ambrotype (AM bro type) 1854-1865  Peak Years: 1857-1859

      C.   Tintype (Melainotype or ferrotype) 1856-1867*   Peak Years: 1860-1863
             *Last cased tintypes, produced in various other forms through 1940s

II.   Photography on Paper - 1841-present
       A.   Calotype (CAL o type) 1841-1862  Peak Years: 1852-1857
              Positive image on salted paper from salted paper negative 

       B.   Wet Plate/Albumen Prints 1850-1910  Peak Years: 1860-1890
              Positive print on paper coated with egg whites from collodion on glass negative

              1.   Carte de visite (cart dih vis EET) 1854-1905  Peak Years: 1859-1866
                    Albumen print mounted on 2 1/2” x 4” calling card sized mount
                    a. Tax Stamps - August 1864 - August 1866

              2.   Cabinet Cards 1863-1920s  Peak Years: 1870-1900
                    Albumen print on heavy white card mount 4 ¼” x 6 ½”

              3.   Stereographs 1851-1925  Peak Years: 1858-1905

              4.   Crayon Portraits 1860-early 1900s  Peak Years: 1890-1910

       C.   Dry Plate/Gelatin Prints 1871 - present  Peak Years:1880-2000
              1880 - Gelatin-based paper called Bromide or Silver-Bromide paper
              1884 - Gelatin-based roll film introduced by Eastman Kodak
              1888 - Kodak camera brought photography to the masses.

       D.   Cellulose Nitrate film 1913-1950
              Flammable, unstable, deteriorates easily

       E.   Safety Film - 1947 - present
             Cellulose triacetate, polyester introduced 1960


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