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The Autograph Book, Part 2

Autographs of State of Louisiana Officials

While most of the autographs is Belle's book are of family and friends, fourteen of them are by State of Louisiana officials in Baton Rouge, many complete with the official State Seal.

Belle would have visited the Louisiana State Capitol building to get these autographs. The Louisiana State Constitution of 1845 required that the state capital be moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Built in 1847, the Old State Capitol was a Gothic Revival building designed by James H. Dakin. When Baton Rouge and New Orleans were occupied during the Civil War the building was used by the Union Army first as a prison and later as a garrison for colored troops. In December 1862 it was gutted by fire. After the war the state government returned to New Orleans until the old building was restored. On May 8, 1882 the State Legislature returned to Baton Rouge and the Old Capitol Building, where it met until 1932 when the new Capitol was built. It is now operated as a Museum and is a National Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Autograph of Oscar Arroyo, Louisiana Secretary of State

[Seal of the State of Louisiana]
Oscar Arroyo
   Secretary of State
                       March 23 1888
[Oscar Arroyo, 1824-1901] 
 Read more about him at Find a Grave:

L. F. Mason
                  Secty of State

[Seal of the State of Louisiana]

James L. Lobdell
Register of Land Office of Louisiana
                   March 29th 1888

Autograph of Joseph S. Lanier?

Jos. S. L_____ [Lanier?]
   Register State Land Office
         April 26” 1892
[Seal of the State of Louisiana]

Autograph of William Henry Pipes

                                  With  best wishes
                                          Yrs truly
                                          W. H. Pipes Treas.
                                          State of Louisiana
                  Baton Rouge La.
                       May 3rd 1892
                      [William Henry Pipes]

Autograph of Governor Samuel D. McEnery

Very Truly Yrs -
      S. D. M'Enery
[Flower cut out glued on page]
[Samuel D. McEnery, 1833-1891, 30th Governor of Louisiana]

Autograph of O. B. Steele

[Seal of the State of Louisiana]
Yours Very Respectfully
                 O. B. Steele
                 Auditor of Public Accts.
Baton Rouge La
       Apr 12 1888

N. S. Dougherty
         Sec. Bureau of Agriculture
Baton Rouge La
          26 April 1892

To thine own self be true
and it follows as the night the day;
             Thou canst not then be false to any man!
                              T. S. Adams
                            Cons. Agnt
Baton Rouge La.                          
30 Apr 1892                 

Kind regards & best wishes of a Friend
who was the friend of your farther (sic) & mother
Grand Farther (sic) & Grand mother & Brothers & Sisters -
                       Yours truly
                                      T. M.? Bird
                                Com” State Bureau of
Baton Rouge
   March 23rd 1888

Respectfully Yours
                  E. A. Burke
             Treas State La.
             May 22/1888
[Edward A. Burke]

Yours Truly
                      Warren Easton
                            State Supt Pub Ed.
                                         May 2, 1888

  1. J. Cunningham
      Atty. Genl of La.
      Baton Rouge _ May 17/88
      [Milton J. Cunningham]
               W. H. Frick?
                                  State Superintendent Public Education.

To be Continued

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